Bear Finger Play

Bear Cave Finger Play From the Pond Printable
We have a new bear math 2D shape craft in our store and it got us thinking about other great bear activities for back to school. Our Bear Cave finger play is perfect for helping students learn with their new teacher and class at the beginning of the school year. It is perfect for transitioning between learning activities and to help students learn to settle on the mat and be ready to listen.
Printable Finger PLay
We know your children will love this little rhyme and be eager to perfect the actions. This finger play will help them:
  • focus as a class group in the learning space
  • get their hands moving
  • learn to look at you and listen
  • learn and repeat a rhyme
  • follow directions
  • be playful and imaginative
  • move from active to focused attention

Bear Cave Printable From the Pond
Read or say the finger play to your students doing the actions as you go. Encourage them to copy and join in. Emphasise the progression from active fingers to finishing in their lap.
Finger plays can :
  • be a classroom management strategy
  • build class community
  • develop confidence in little learners - they are proud when they learn something new, quickly
  • build vocabulary and language skills - rhyme and rhythm 
  • help early reading - point to the words as you read each day
  • fine motor
  • create a transition between activities
  • build verbal and auditory-memory skills
Back to School Bear Books
Team it up with a lovely bear book for a fast-prep and engaging whole group literacy session. Print it out from our free printable in Google Drive: Bear Cave Finger Play
Ask your students to help you tell a story of a bear in a cave with the finger play:
  • This is the cave
Bear Finger Play
  • And this is the bear
Action Rhyme
  • Curl up tight, sleep in there
Hand Plays For Kindergarten
  • Wake sleepy eyes
Bear in a Cave Play
  • Open them wide
Kindergarten Back to School
  • Run from the bear
Kindergarten Classroom Management
  • Hide, hide, hide
Kindergarten Classroom

Rhymes for Kindergarten

We hope your little ones love learning this new finger play!