Homeschooling with Skype Can be Challenging

When spring break came, no one knew they wouldn't go back to school in a week. My wake up call came when Rosa called. She needed help getting online to start homeschooling. After a short conversation, she forwarded a text message sent to her mom. What you need to know is her mom is really her grandmother, who's 80 years old. So I began homeschooling with Skype, to communicate with Rosa who lives 20 minutes away from my house.

For years my hope was to find one or two parents to contribute articles about home schooling. Now I get to write my own, LOL.

My goal here is to share resources I'm finding to provide Rosa with a rich learning experience. She's completing all her school assignments. At the same time, I'd like Rosa to learn more about the world around her. So each day I give her an article to read plus a research project on Saturday (yes, we're doing schoolwork on Saturday).

Rosa is 11 years old, in 5th grade and dreams of becoming the best lawyer in Florida! We're on this journey together. 

Homeschooling with Skype: Week Beginning May 4, 2020

Rosa's reading assignments (write 3 paragraph story and 5 vocabulary words – definition plus sentence using the word):

  • Monday – Take a visual tour of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Write about the building (roof, how you walk around, etc) and pick 3 pieces of artwork that you like – describe each one, explaining what you like about it.
  • Tuesday – Some people are comparing today's pandemic to the great depression. Learn about the Great Depression
  • Wednesday – Pick a new biography, read and answer questions plus … your story and vocabulary.
  • Thursday – Read (listen really) to As Fast as Words Could Fly, a fantastic story!
  • Friday – Learn How to Save Money, from a piggy bank … to a real bank that pays interest.
  • Saturday – Today's research project is learning what's different about a performing arts high school. When writing your story, include answers to the following questions:

Great resources for kids to use and learn with:

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