IELTS Online Test Preparation with BestMyTest

IELTS Indicator is an online testing service that anyone can take right from home. The test includes four different skills. These skills include listening, reading, writing and speaking in the English language. When you take the test, you receive an indicative score for each different skill. Your performance on the test is  marked by a professional IELTS examiner and you typically receive your result within seven business days.

Taking the test is the easy part. IELTS Online Test Preparation is important if you hope to ace your IELTS on your first try.  BestMyTest offers courses for all skill levels to help you achieve success. They offer personalized study plans and diagnostic reports based on how you perform on a full simulation test. To help  you get a feel for their services, the reading and listening test diagnostic results are available in the free trial. By using this program, students can communicate with an instructor to help them overcome any English/IELTS related hurdles. Plus, they get hands-on help throughout their English studies. In addition, each plan includes a specific number of speaking and writing reviews to help you prepare for those areas as well.

My signing up with BestMyTest., you can again access to tons of awesome features including:

  • 1000+ IELTS practice questions
  • 2000+ commonly used IELTS vocabulary words
  • 200 IELTS lessons organized into a study guide
  • 30 full-length 3 hour Academic test simulations
  • 20 full-length 3 hour General Training test simulations

Another great advantage is that the courses offer an IELTS Reading Practice Test and a IELTS Writing Practice Test. These practice tests will prepare you for the real test so  you go into them with confidence. Learning the English language can help you advance in almost any career.  With BestMyTest, you can get a leg up on the competition and ace your IELTS Online Test.


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