June Emotions Printables

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost here! Although the warmer temperatures and sunshine help with mood, it’s still normal for kids to experience all kinds of different emotions. These seemingly simple June Emotions printable worksheets can help so much in terms of identifying those emotions and working through them.

collage of printed worksheets. Text reads Repetition is important when it comes to learning any skill. Learning about emotions is no exception. These worksheets are a great tool to add. Increasing a child’s emotional vocabulary is a step towards increasing empathy and emotional regulation.

June Emotions Printables for Kids:

June Copywork Emotions Sentences:

Supplies needed:

  • June Emotions Printable pages (download them here)
  • pen or pencil OR
  • plastic sleeve AND dry erase marker

If you want for the sheets to be reusable, simply laminate the pages or slip them into a plastic page protector. Students can then use a dry erase marker to do the tracing and writing themselves. Or they can write directly on the pages with a pen, pencil, marker, or coloured pencils.Copywork Sentences Instructions for the child:

  1. Read the sentence.
  2. Fill in the outline.
  3. Trace the dotted words.
  4. Write the sentence on the lines provided.
  5. Discuss the various emotions.

It may not seem like just copying sentences would lead to anything, but these sentences can do more than practise penmanship. They are a great jumping off point for discussions about different feelings. And they create normalcy around hearing about and talking about feelings.

You can expand the activity by having your child talk about a particular circumstance or time in their life when they felt that emotion.

June My Feelings Log:

Supplies needed:

My Feelings Log Instructions for the child:

  1. Choose one jellyfish icon each day to colour, cut, and paste into your log.
  2. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to look back and see all the different emotions you felt.
  3. Discuss your feelings with a parent or trusted adult.

These little jellyfish visuals can help your child better identify and work through their own emotions. Then you can take a look and see what they’ve chosen. Once you see HOW they are feeling that day, you can help them dig into the WHY behind those feelings. You can also explain to them that it’s normal to have more than one emotion in the course of a day. 

After figuring out what the feelings are, you can work together with your child on strategies for better managing how they deal with that emotion.

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