Kaitlyn at Six Years Old

kaitlyn birthday six years old (1 of 3)

My baby is SIX! Well, actually, Kaitlyn turned six years old two months ago, but since I love documenting their birthdays on the blog, I couldn’t let it pass us by despite the last two months being a very challenging time. So here’s a peek into six!

Since turning six, I’ve really seen her showing signs of the next phase of childhood. The toddler days are truly behind us and while part of me is sad about it, I also LOVE hearing the funny things that come out of her mouth. She’s witty and sometimes pulls out advanced vocabulary words from who knows where. 

kaitlyn birthday six years old (1 of 3)

The past few months held a lot of fun milestones. She lost her first tooth (then a second soon afterwards). It was crazy because her bottom adult teeth actually grew in behind her baby bottom teeth instead of pushing them out. We took her to the dentist and she assured us to keep wiggling and they’d fall out. She was right! But it was pretty crazy to see her have “shark teeth” for a couple weeks.

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Kaitlyn also learned to ride a two wheel bike, after a lot of practice in the front yard with David running beside her. Now, she’s super into it and rides daily. We’ve even started going on family bike rides, which is a ton of fun for all of us. Our longest one was over 8 miles. We rode down to the nearby golf course, got a hot dog from the snack stand, and rode on a trail through the woods. I foresee a lot of biking adventures for our crew!

kaitlyn birthday six years old (2 of 3) kaitlyn birthday six years old (3 of 3)

She’s a very happy and joyful girl, but definitely has a flair for the dramatic. At least once a day there is a total meltdown moment, usually over a minor occurrence. I’ve tried to comfort her at times, and tell her to suck it up and keep going at others. What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter which route I take, she just needs a little time to work through it herself, then she bounces back to normal within 15 minutes. 

She’s hard on herself sometimes. She’s smart and very capable so when something doesn’t come easily to her, she can get frustrated, Nothing breaks my heart like hearing her compare her drawing to her sister’s and saying she’s no good at it. We’ve told her we don’t say those words and encourage the use of “I’m learning” instead. Sometimes it works better than others.

She is a really beautiful blend of feisty and girly. She loves to be fierce and misses her Tae Kwon Do classes, but the next minute she’s begging to wear just a little blush, a pair of heels, and my fancy, jeweled necklace.

kaitlyn birthday six years old (1 of 1)

Before the lockdown came, she was in soccer, American Heritage Girls, and Tae Kwon Do. Right now she’s taking a two week swim clinic. I don’t think we are signing up for anything this fall, but I hope that just means more trips to hike in the mountains for us all.

Sometimes she still talks like a baby, saying things like “up up!” when she wants to be held. Sometimes I play into it (I mean, she is *my* baby) and other times it drives me crazy and I remind her she needs to use her big girl voice.

Her birthday was on a beautiful Saturday. We didn’t plan to have a full on party because of the current circumstances, but we did celebrate it well. We had two of our favorite families over, a slip and slide, a homemade Oreo mud pie, an egg-in-a-spoon relay, and burgers. It was my favorite celebration yet- incredibly chill and a lot of old fashion fun. 

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I’ll end with some quick stats:

  • In dresses she wears a 5/6 but she’s a little thing and the shorts she wears are typically a 3T. 
  • She’ll tell you her favorite food is mac ‘n cheese but she loves any kind of pasta. And fruit.
  • After a lot of consistency on our part, I now would call her a good eater. However, she’d pass on salmon every time if I let her.
  • She typically goes to bed at 8:00, but spends about an hour or so looking at books before falling asleep. She usually wakes up around 8:00 AM.
  • Her favorite current play things are Barbie’s and her light saber (and her Rey outfit).
  • Right now she’s a mama’s girl and I adore it. She loves to cuddle up on my lap at the table or while I’m in the office. She loves to cuddle me anytime really, and it makes my heart so happy.

I love celebrating this sweet girl. We love you so much, Goose!

kaitlyn birthday six years old (2 of 6)