May Emotions Printables for Kids

It is not uncommon for students to have mixed feelings about summer break coming up, but this year, that is particularly true. These free printable May emotions worksheets can help them to sort through those feelings. They can also help them to realize that it’s okay to feel all of them. printed worksheets laid out. Text reads

Most children this year didn’t get the closure of their school year ending the regular way. They may feel disappointed about things such as vacations or summer camps being cancelled. They may worry that summer won’t feel much like summer since they’ve already been home for weeks or months. 

I know that some of my kids are struggling with big emotions about not being able to go on our usual summer family camping trip and uncertainty about the upcoming school year. 

Simple activities that focus on emotions help kids to learn the vocabulary as well as to get used to talking about their own emotions. 

The printable emotions copywork pages help kids practise their printing while at the same time, associating the emotion word with the appropriate facial expression.

The My Feelings Log for this month helps kids put a name to the feelings they are experiencing. This is the first step in learning to manage those feelings. It is so important. 

May Emotions Printables for Kids:

May Copywork Emotions Sentences:

Supplies needed:

  • May Emotions Printable pages (download them here)
  • pen or pencil OR
  • plastic sleeve AND dry erase marker

If you the sheets to be reusable, laminate the pages or slip them in a plastic page protector. Students can then use a dry erase marker to do the tracing and writing themselves. Or they can write directly on the pages with a pen, pencil, marker, or coloured pencils.

Copywork Sentences Instructions for the child:

  1. Read the sentence.
  2. Fill in the outline.
  3. Trace the dotted words.
  4. Write the sentence on the lines provided.
  5. Discuss the various emotions.

These worksheets can be a jumping off point for a discussion about various emotions. You can further expand this activity by having your child describe a time when they have felt that emotion. They can also come up with a story describing why the bee might be experiencing that particular feeling.

May My Feelings Log:

Supplies needed:

My Feelings Log Instructions for the child:

  1. Choose one icon each day to colour, cut, and paste to your log.
  2. At the end of the month, you can look back and see the various emotions you felt.
  3. Discuss your feelings with a parent or trusted adult.

The bee emotion visuals help kids better identify and work through their own feelings in a way that feels less vulnerable because it’s a cute bee face. Once you know HOW they are feeling that day, you can help them dig into they WHY behind those feelings.

After identifying the feeling, you can work together on strategies for better managing that emotion.

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