Seven Apple App Store apps to help you be a proactive student

By Frank Hamilton

Our parents probably envy the opportunities that modern students have. There are a lot of student apps that can help them to facilitate their difficult lives . Unfortunately, many young people do not use all the useful solutions available at App Store preferring video games and other time-eating apps. However, if you want to become a more productive and organized student, then the following applications for students are for you.

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This application will allow you to learn how to form the right habits and track your path to achieving the goal. This application is considered one of the best solutions for those who want to be successful and productive. The app allows you to set goals and then track your progress daily. The app is developed on the basis of a to-do list. An indispensable tool for students who have many tasks and need additional motivation. The main features of the application:

° Setting a deadline for achieving a goal;

° The ability to track your progress every day;

° The ability to track your good and bad habits;

° The ability to view success and performance in charts;

° The ability to set an unlimited number of reminders.


Initially, this application was designed as a project management tool. However, it is also effective for students, as they often face joint work on various assignments. So such an app is indispensable for students since the application is free. Even global companies use it to solve work problems. The main features of the app:

° The ability to invite people to work together;

° The ability to set tasks for each participant;

° The exchange of comments with participants;

° The ability to upload and attach various files and work offline.


This app teaches the basics of time management and allows you to organize your work efficiently. This application will allow you to identify weaknesses that have a slowing effect on productivity and organize all tasks properly. The app is freely available and this will allow students to learn how to organize all processes efficiently. The main features of the app:

° The ability to set tasks and monitoring their implementation;

° The ability to supplement each task, edit and delete it;

° The ability to monitor how much time you spend interacting with your iOS device and spending time online.


It is very difficult for most people to find time to read books. But not all students like this option and this app is the solution to this problem. With one app, you can highlight invaluable ideas from over 3,000 books. Such ideas are available not only for reading but also in audio format. Key features of the app:

° More than 28 categories of literature and more than 3000 books;

° The content is published in English and will allow non-native speakers to learn the language.

° There is a selection of books from successful entrepreneurs and great people.

° The application can be used in the offline version.


It is difficult to be calm in front of a mountain of academic assignments and other personal tasks. But this app will help you to come up with an order in your mind. For example, when you feel you can't write as well as Best Writers Online, it's time to start meditating. This application will teach you how to relax properly and at the same time increase your productivity. Key features of the app:

° A relaxation program for 10 minutes;

° Breathing practices to calm and relax the mind;

° More than 100 stories to help you fall asleep faster;

° Masterclasses that can change life for the better;

° Programs of different levels that are suitable for beginners and advanced users.


Students have to work with many papers and often need to repeat some kind of charts or diagrams. This app allows you to quickly scan the desired material and convert this fragment into a PDF file. This application allows you to speed up many processes that are associated with working on documents. Key features of the app:

° To start scanning, you need a mobile camera.

° The application can scan any type of document, be it a business card, certificate, and so on.

° It offers fast search for all documents.

° You can scan all documents instantly and optimize copy quality.

Oxford Literary Terms

Students are constantly engaged in writing research papers and other written assignments that require an understanding of many complex terms. Surely, you may use the Online Writers Rating custom writing services reviews platform to get instant assistance, however, there are still some terms you have to learn and understand on your own. This app will help you with this task. Its key features are:

° The ability to customize the design of the dictionary based on personal preferences;

° The ability to translate the dictionary;

° The ability to use a camera or voice input to quickly find the words you want;

° Inclusion of a handy guide for students regardless of the direction of the study;

° A vocabulary base that is suitable for all students to study basic and narrow disciplines.

You can use your phone to the fullest to be a successful student. There is only one action required from you: just download useful apps for students in a few clicks and start using them to boost your academic progress and life success.

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.