Storyteller’s Word a Day

My kids LOVE this Storyteller’s Word a Day book. We do it almost every day as part of our morning routine and my kids practically beg if we can do “just one more.” It takes like 3 minutes. The kids remember what the words mean because of the always fun and often hilarious visual imagery. As a homeschooling mom, I love resources like this that are easy, fun, and effective.

Storyteller's Word a Day by Mrs. Wordsmith

Title: Storyteller’s Word a Day
Author: Mrs. Wordsmith
Publication Year: 1963
Age Group: Elementary (recommended for ages 7-11)
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Comments: This book was so well thought out. It is a spiral-bound book that can stand on it’s own. On one side is a full-page picture illustrating the word with a very easy to understand written definition.

On the back side is a bunch of information for the parent. Not only can the parent see the word, picture and definition, but they have a sentence to read to go along with the picture, sample phrases, synonyms, and usually either the etymology of the word or a sentence pulled from popular or famous literature.

Every week day morning, I sit on our hearth facing my four kids on the couch. I read the information on the back to them while they look at the picture on the front and typically crack up because they think something about it is hysterical.

There are 20 days per month for the 9 months of the school year (September through May). We are currently halfway through May, so we are almost done with the book. I’m a little disappointed, because for some reason I thought they already came out with a second volume, but it seems like that will not be ready until the next calendar year. My kids and I will miss it when we finish.

Typically when we do our morning routine, I try to keep my kids around the breakfast table and on the couch for as long as possible. Once people start wandering away, it’s over. I realized exactly how popular this Storyteller’s Word a Day is this morning when our morning time fell apart for some reason and all the kids left the living room. I told them I still wanted to do vocabulary and they all ran back to the couch immediately. That just shows me how much they truly enjoy this method of learning new words.

We can’t wait for Volume 2!

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