The Friday 5 - 3rd Edition

Welcome to The Friday 5 - 3rd Edition! I've gathered 5 fun-interesting-enlightening-helpful-or crazy things I found this week in the world of teaching and education! Clearly, I spend way too much time online - but now you won't have to!

Here's what I found this week: 

1. Our teacher language is so important. This article points out some of the language we use that is not helpful for our students. One Word to Drop From Your Teacher Vocabulary

2. Back to School WELCOME Letter FREEBIE - What a great way to inform parents and get everyone on the same page at the beginning of the school year!

3. Do you struggle to teach Place Value, or do your students struggle to grasp the concept? This Place Value Game is so engaging for students and you will be amazed at how fast your students "get it"! Check out A Place Value Game Your Students Will Beg You to Play!

4. If you teach traumatized students as many teachers do - these tips can help you take care before you burn out! 

5. Reopening schools is a HUGE question right now. 

I hope you found something that made you smile, something that made you think, and something that helped you! If you have any ideas you think my readers could use - please let me know!

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The Friday 5 3rd Edition

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