The naughty step is becoming a regular haunt for our two-year-old

The adorable boy’s misdeeds are increasing in frequency

My son is spending more and more time on the stairs these days, specifically the bottom step facing the sitting room. Termed, optimistically, his ‘thinking step’, it’s become a sort of purgatory for him, a place to sit and reflect on his misdeeds. And these are increasing in frequency. Since he turned two, his gallop towards independence has brought a sizeable uptick in his vocabulary, sense of self and a passion for hitting his adoring parents.

This last pastime has become one of his favourite sources of entertainment. To his mind there is literally nothing funnier than a well-placed slap on my horrified face, or a deft smack to his mother’s forehead. Often the only thing that makes him pause is his own convulsive laughter, which forces him to take a breath, before cracking straight back on with his campaign of assault.

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