Touch and Feel! 14 Interactive Books for Babies & Toddlers

Touching, listening and even chewing! Touch-and-feel books are more fun than ever. Here are 14 interactive storybooks to keep your child exciting about reading.

Zoom Space Adventure by Susan Hayes & Susanna Rumiz
Ava and her cat head into outer space to check out the International Space Station, ride in a moon buggy, find a Mars rover and more. A cool pop-up adds excitement and fun to the story as kids learn all about space.

Available at, $14.99.

That’s Not My Dragon… by Fiona Watt
From ears that are too tufty to a tail that is too prickly, each page offers a new dragon that’s not your baby’suntil the final spread. The dragon book is just one of the many titles in the That’s Not My series. Find a favorite for every personality, whether your little one prefers pandas, pirates or princesses.

Available at, $13.74.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book by Karen Katz
Lift the flap to find where baby’s belly button, hands, eyes, and more are hiding. The illustrations are bright and eye-catching, and the peekaboo-style pages build excitement as readers anticipate what is under the flap. It offers teachable moments for babies to learn about different body parts in a fun way.

Available at, $5.

The Cheerios Play Book by Lee Wade
Who said you shouldn’t play with your food? Snack time becomes play time when you mix the iconic O-shaped cereal kids love with this interactive book. Let baby test out their pincer grasp by filling in the circular spaces with Cheerios to complete each picture.

Available at, $7.19.

Peek-A Who? by Nina Laden
Peek through the die-cut pages to guess who is peering at you. The simple rhymes are a play on the classic baby game of peekaboo. The book is full of silly wordplay, like when the cow says, “Peek a Moo!” And the last “Peek a YOU!” page lets baby see themselves in a mirror.

Available at, $6.50.

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy! by Sandra Boynton
Sandra Boynton brings her signature humor and playful animal characters to the touch-and-feel style of books. The cover invites children to “touch, skritch, and tickle,” while the interior has an array of different textures for kids to explore. The eggs at the end hold an amusing surprise!

Available at, $12.60.

Tails by Matthew Van Fleet
Touch, pull and sniff your way through this interactive exploration of animals. Tails introduces baby to concepts like counting and opposites in a way that engages many senses. Be sure to check out Matthew Van Fleet’s other reads, such as Alphabet, Heads and Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, for more sensory fun.

Available at, $12.99.

Explore and More Mix-and-Match Animal Activity Book from Skip Hop
Part toy, part chew toy, this interactive book has a little something for every sensation. The spine is a grabbable rattle, the soft pages mix and match to form different animals, and there is a teether attached as well. It’s a crinkly, squeaky, chewable and fun read!

Available at, $12.69.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Rod Campbell
This classic lift-the-flap book is a longtime favorite that continues to delight young readers. The refrain invites you to reveal what animal the zoo has sent in an attempt to find the perfect pet. Add in your own animal sounds for even more fun!

Available at, $5.

Good Morning, Good Night! by Teresa Imperato
Wish your little one a good night on every page of this sweet book. The soothing feel of each animal’s fur is perfect for a low-key sensory experience at bedtime. Practice tucking in the character on the last page before tucking in your own bundle of joy.

Available at, $8.55.

Noisy Trucks (My First Touch and Feel Sound Book) by Tiger Tales
Give your mini-explorer a glimpse into the real world with the photographic visuals in the My First Touch and Feel Sound Book series. Truck sounds offer an auditory experience for babies and toddlers that goes beyond the typical touch-and-feel read. Discover trucks, farm animals, dinosaurs, and other noisy options with the different books in this series!

Available at, $7.13.

Baby’s Big Busy Book by Karen Katz
A day in the life of a baby is busy indeed! There is so much to touch, explore and see as you follow along with babyfrom waking up to eating and playing throughout the day, and finally to bedtime. Build your baby’s vocabulary by reading all the little objects labeled throughout the colorful illustrations.

Available at, $14.99.

Elmer’s Touch and Feel World by David McKee
Elmer is the patchwork elephant that belongs on every baby’s bookshelf. Full of first concepts and a colorful cast of animal characters, the adventure only begins with this touch-and-feel book. After reading this one, you’ll want to add all the Elmer books to your collection.

Available at, $14.33.

Busy Baby: Friends by Sarah Gillingham
Turn that frown upside down! Little hands will be kept busy swiveling the face in the center of this book from sad to happy. Build up baby’s social and emotional skills as the characters navigate through the everyday happenings of sharing, making friends, and playing. Retro illustrations add to the distinct look of this book.

Available at, $9.99.

Katie L. Carroll

featured photo: StockSnap via Pixabay 



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