'White Fragility’ author Robin DiAngelo explains why white people shouldn’t say they’re 'not racist’

'White Fragility' author Robin DiAngelo explains why white people shouldn't say they're 'not racist'

On the surface, a white person saying out loud that they're "not racist" might seem like a positive thing.

But Dr Robin DiAngelo, author of the best-selling book White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, has a different take on it.

"White people often say 'I'm not racist,'" she tells Jimmy Fallon in the clip above. "I know you have, I have, done things in my life I recognise as racist today. I would not do them again. They were neither intentional, or even conscious, and yet they wounded other people nonetheless.

"I think white people should remove that phrase from their vocabulary: 'I'm not racist.' Trust me, it's not convincing to black people." Read more...

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