61+ Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend She Will Love in 2021

Looking for the best Valentines Day gifts for girlfriend? Here are the best Valentines Day gifts for girlfriend she will love this year.

The perfect Valentines Day gift is a hard thing to find - you don't want it to be overly cheesy or overly cliche but you also want to show her how much you care about her. 

These gifts are a great mix of things she actually wants and things that are thoughtful and unique. No matter what type of girl your girlfriend is, there is a gift here that she will love.

This post is all about Valentines day gifts for girlfriend.


Best Overall:  Personalized Necklace

"I'm so obsessed with this necklace, so sentimental and perfect for Valentine's Day!"

Best Jewelry:  14k Gold Letter Ring

"This ring is absolutely stunning! I wear it all the time and get so many compliments."

Best Sentimental Gift:  Initial Bracelet

"I bought this date night poster for my girlfriend and it ended up being so fun for the both of us! We never run out of date night ideas."

Most Popular: Lululemon Leggings

"I mean how can you not love Lululemon leggings!? They last forever and are sooo comfy."

Best Custom Gift: Personalized Jewelry Case

"This jewelry case is to die for. I can't wait to use this!"

Best Experience: Airbnb Gift Card

"This gift card is basically a trip in a card! I got this gift card for my birthday and can't wait to plan a trip with it!"


1. 14k Gold Letter Ring

romantic gifts for her

Every girl would love to receive a beautiful letter ring for Valentines day. These 14k gold ring from Made by Mary is absolutely stunning and I know any girlfriend would love them! 

You don't necessarily need to buy expensive jewelry for your girlfriend for Valentines day. You can find so many beautiful option she will love for pretty cheap.

2. Slippers

valentine day gift for gf

These slippers are the most comfortable slippers ever. Seriously, every girl should have a pair. So, if your girlfriend doesn't have them already, definitely buy her a pair of these as a Valentines gift. She will for sure be wearing these around the house (or even out honestly) all the time.

3. I Love You Donuts

romantic gifts for her

"I Love You" donuts are a go-to gift for Valentines day. You don't even have to make them yourself if you aren't the DIY food type. You can buy these custom donuts and have them delivered straight to her for her special day. Such a great idea for valentine's gifts for girlfriend!

4. Gift Box Just For Her

valentines day gifts for new girlfriend

What is a better Valentines gift for your girlfriend than a pampering gift box? I love the description they used for the box: 

"These days, a moment to herself may be hard to come by, so 
give her an excuse to get lost in her thoughts courtesy of these 
modern-day must-haves in the dreamiest shades of rose." - Box Fox

5. SKIMS Robe

Anyone would love to receive a super fuzzy new robe. Especially a pink one for Valentines day! This fuzzy robe from Nordstrom is insanely soft and I'm sure your girlfriend has seen SKIMS all over Instagram! You could even run your girlfriend a hot bath with flower petals and set this out for her when she gets out.

6. Personalized Necklace

	romantic valentines gifts for her

You can never go wrong with giving your girlfriend jewelry for Valentines day but this one is even more special because it is custom! You can buy this necklace to say any name or number. 

7. BAE Hoodie

valentines gift guide

Although your girlfriend will probably still steal all of your sweatshirts, you can still buy her a super cozy sweatshirt as a gift for Valentines day. Alo Yoga's hoodies are the absolute best (also the fact that the hoodie is called "Bae" seals the deal). There isn't one girl out there that doesn't love receiving new sweatshirts as gifts.

8. The Makeup Set

small gift ideas for valentines day

If your girlfriend is a makeup lover, she will absolutely love this makeup set from Glossier.

Most girls have heard of Glossier and are obsessed with the bubblewrap bag they come in, so, even if she has a collection of makeup already, she will never complain about this gift.

Plus, these are pink which fits just in them for Valentines day!

9. Personalized Tassel Keychain

most popular valentines day gift

This personalized keychain is such a cute gift idea to give your girlfriend for Valentines day. You can customize this keychain with any letter combination you like, so you could put the initials of you two or just hers, whatever you please.

She will absolutely love this gift. A lot of times thoughtful gifts like will be more special than any other gift you could buy.

10. Valentines Fuzzy Socks

luxury valentines gifts for her

Fuzzy socks are a staple in every girls closet and no one can ever get enough. These pink fuzzy socks are perfect if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive and simple gift for your girlfriend for Valentines day.

11. Venus et Fleur Rose Bouquet

valentines day keepsake

How cute is this bouquet of roses? Of course you can always buy normal fresh flowers for your girlfriend for Valentines day but this is so fun and unique! Plus, it comes in this pretty box which she can use to display in her room. Love this gift for girlfriend!

12. Initial Bracelet

romantic keepsakes for her

Girls love jewelry but they really love custom jewelry. This  bracelet is one that can go with literally any outfit and is really simple but pretty. No matter what her style is she will love this!

13. Personalized Game Set

	valentines day gift ideas for him

This custom game set is great for couples who love entertaining. If you both love games this is a great option!

14. Tartelette™ In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

valentines day for wife

If your girlfriend loves doing her makeup, she will automatically know this pallet. This is the Tartelette™ palette and it comes with the prettiest neutral colors!

15. Custom Location Print

top 10 valentine gifts for girlfriend

This is such a cute and unique Valentines day gift for girlfriend! If you have a special place that means a lot to you both, get it on this location print. She will love the thought you put into this and will definitely be putting it up around the house.

16. Personalized Notebook

I think this journal would be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. But the only way to make it REALLY special is if you write her a special note on the first few pages. This is something she could have forever, and ever; taking the time to write something thoughtful is a great way to show her how much you care.

17. Personalized Travel Jewelry Case

I saw this personalized jewelry case and (wanting it for myself) thought it was such a great gift to give girls. 

If your girlfriend is constantly on the go, then she probably needs a jewelry case to fit all of her rings, earrings, etc. where they will stay organized and safe! Amazing gift for girlfriend.

18. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

You can never ever have too many comfy blankets so buying your girlfriend a new comfy blanket is always a good idea. These Barefoot Dreams blankets are FAMOUS and I'm telling you, you're going to want to steal this from your girlfriend.

19. Sweatpants Set

luxury valentines gifts for her

This sweatpants set is so so cute and Abercrombie & Fitch is finally coming through again with some great pieces. Plus, you can find great deals which is a plus for you! These comfy set will be a hit. 

20. Silk Pillowcase

valentines day gifts for new couples

This pillowcase is for real the best, and your girlfriend will be so impressed if you get this for her. The silk pillowcase is amazing for you skin and hair, you can't get much better than that.

21. All Day Duffel Bag

A duffle bag for the gal on the go would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Feel free to add a few little special gifts inside the duffle bag as well!

22. Candle Set

Candles are great gifts because they run out eventually so chances are your girlfriend will always want more. Plus, girls usually change their candles out seasonally so the more the better. This candle gift set not only smells great, they are also super cute so they will make amazing decor in her apartment or house.

23. JBL Waterproof Speaker

Every girl (and guy) need a speaker, especially one that's waterproof. This speaker is by far my favorite and has the most amazing sound, while being small enough to carry around with you! Your girlfriend will love this gift.

24. Cloud Nine Spa Set

anniversary gifts for her

This gift set is the perfect gift for girls. It is basically a facial in a box. It comes already packaged and decorated which take all the hassle of putting a gift box together off you!

25. Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon leggings are the perfect Valentines gift for your girlfriend whether she has 0 or 50 pairs. My boyfriend got me a pair of Lululemon leggings three years ago and they are still one of my go to pairs to this day. He bought them in a cute red-ish color for Valentines day which I thought was super cute and thoughtful. Love this gift for girlfriend!

26. Tiled Monogram Mug

This monogramed mug is such a thoughtful git for your girlfriend for Valentines day. Get her a few of her favorite teas, make her a nice breakfast and surprise her with this amazing gift!

27. Pom Beanie

The pom beanies are one of my favorite winter accessories and I know so many other girls love them too. With the day being well in to winter, this beanie would be a super cute and practical gift to give your girlfriend on Valentines day.

28. Concert Tickets

If you and your girlfriend share a favorite artist, it would be such a good idea for you to buy concert tickets and give them to her on V-day! Even if her favorite artist is one you don't like, you could still buy two and tell her to invite a friend.

29. Floramye Bath Bliss Gift Set

Who doesn't love a spa night? I know your girlfriend would be overjoyed if you got her a bath bomb set!

30. Adidas Hat

If your girlfriend wear baseball hats as much as most girls do, this is a killer Valentines day gift that she will love to wear on bad hair days. You could even buy two or three if you want to get her more than just one.

31. Dip Nail Starter Kit

cute valentines day gifts for him

This dip nail kit is pretty much the equivalent to a gel nail manicure without the harsh UV lights. This is a perfect small gift for girlfriends to give on Valentines day. Love this gift for girlfriend!

32. Adidas Running Shoes

If your girlfriend's running shoes are getting a little old or worn out, Adidas running shoes are the perfect choice to give her for a gift. Even if she already has a pair, no girl will say no to new shoes! 

33. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a great gift no matter who they are for!! Add in a few drops of essential oil and wait for your entire room to smell like a spa.

34. Sweat Set

Sweat sets are becoming so popular this year, and for good reason, so I know every girl would be excited to get a set for Valentines day. They are perfect for lounging around, going on runs, or just running errands. This one from Amazon is super comfy and can be worn all the time.

35. Zodiac Necklace

A lot of girls are super in to zodiacs and even if they aren't this necklace is stunning either way. If you don't know what a zodiac is, it is a constellation that corresponds with a birthday. So find the constellation for her birthday and buy her a cute necklace this year for Valentines! Love this gift for girlfriend!

36. The Packing Cube 6-Piece Set

Girls love having travel cubes and this one from is so cute and perfect for any girl. These bags are especially great if your girlfriend is in school or college where she will be traveling a lot. Even if not, these bags are great for any travel in general.

37. Send Flowers To Her Work

My dad sends flowers to my mom's work on Valentines every year and she always finds it so sweet and special. This is such a fun thing to do that will make her feel really special. Plus, she can show all her co-workers just how amazing you are!

38. Journal

Getting your girlfriend a journal for Valentines Day seems simple but it could end up being something she really loves! This one from Papier is really cute and something I would totally buy for myself. You could even plan to journal together or fill a few pages up with sweet notes to give to her on Valentines.

39. Kendra Scott Necklace

romantic valentines day gift ideas

Kendra Scott is one of the best and most well known jewelry companies among girls. They have amazing pieces ranging from birth stones to sparkly stones that are really reasonably priced. I have about 3 of these but I still get excited getting another one. 

If you want to make it really special, you could even take her there to pick out her own.

40. Handbag

cute valentines day gift ideas

There are so many handbags to choose from ranging from designer handbags to ones you can find for under $15. You really can't go wrong with any though! This bag is super reasonably priced and I love it!

41. Love Letter Necklace

valentines day ideas

How cute is this love necklace? Like I said earlier, girls love jewelry and this one is so perfect for Valentines day. I love this idea for long distance couples or those that don't live together. 

Now every time she misses you she can just put on this necklace.

42. Initial Bracelet

best valentine gift for boyfriend

Girls love getting new jewelry especially pieces that their boyfriend picked out for them. This initial bracelet is absolutely perfect to give to girls for Valentines day. It is a cute Valentines day themed piece that isn't gaudy or tacky like a lot of Valentines jewelry can be. Love this gift for girlfriend!

43. Custom Makeup Bag

what to get a girl for valentines day

This custom makeup bag is so pretty and would make for a perfect gift for any girlfriend. Girls makeup bags get dirty really easily so I'm sure most girls are in need of a new one. This is a super cute replacement makeup bag to give her for V-day.

44. Dried Valentina Bouquet

top 10 valentine gifts for girlfriend

If your girlfriend loves flowers as much as I do, this bouquet would be the perfect gift to give on Valentines Day!

45. Picture Frames

best birthday gift for girlfriend

Picture frames always make good gifts no matter who you are giving them to. I always like to buy two or three and fill them with cute pictures of us or things they like. This is a cute heartfelt gift that will end up meaning a lot to your girlfriend.

46. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

This heart shaped waffle maker is the most perfect gift for Valentines day for a girl that loves to cook. It would also be super cute if you even got this and woke her up with heart shaped waffles in bed. 

47. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

valentines day gift ideas for him

This card game, "We're Not Really Strangers" is so much fun if you are into the really deep talks. I love this idea because it sets aside a time for you two to get to know each other just a little bit better.

48. The Adventure Challenge- Couples Edition

best valentine gift for boyfriend

"With this book as your guide, you and your significant other will grow in new levels of your relationship through adventures and experiences you will never forget. The catch? Your adventure is a mystery until you scratch off a challenge. It’s like scratching a lottery ticket but you win each time!" 

I think this book is such an amazing gift. You guys can especially use this gift when you can't think of anything to do!! Love this gift for girlfriend!

49. Bath Salts

romantic valentines gifts for her

I have seen so many "get ready with me" videos and girls have all kinds of different salts and washes and honestly it makes me feel like I'm not even a girl. So, I know I would love to receive a pack and bath wash and salt for Valentines day.

Even if your girlfriend already has some, she will never turn down more!

50. Massage Gift Card

Nothing beats a relaxing professional massage. I buy a massage gift card for my mom every Valentines day and she always looks forward to it. You could even schedule a couples massage so its a win for you too!

51. Ray-Bans

personal valentines gifts for her

If she doesn't have a good pair of sunglasses already, buy her a pair of Ray-Bans. If you don't already know, these are pretty much the best sunglasses you can buy. They are a little pricey but they are totally worth it. If you won't want to spend too much money on sunglasses for her, there are tons of other cheaper options on Amazon, or Quay.

52. Gel Nail Kit

If your girlfriend loves to have her nails done, this is the perfect gift for her. This is a gel nail kit so she can do her nails at home instead of paying to get them done at the salon. This saves so much money and is super convenient to have.

53. Planned Trip

This gift idea is pretty self explanatory but for Valentines this year, plan a trip for you two to take! This can be as big or small as you want but sometimes experiences beat any type of physical gift. Plus, she will appreciate the time you put into plannig such a special gift.

You can print out tickets, or write a note in a card or wrap it up and give it to her for Valentines.

54. Airbnb Gift Crad

This is actually one of my favorite Valentines gift ideas for girlfriends because she can completely choose what to do with this Airbnb gift card. You can choose the amount you want to spend on a trip and she can choose anywhere to go with it! This is basically a trip of her choice in a card which is so fun.

55. Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pallet

If your girlfriend is a makeup lover and likes more neutral/warmer shades, this is the perfect pallet for her. This is from the Kylie cosmetics line and she will definitely know the brand right away and be super impresses you picked this out for her! Love this gift for girlfriend!

56. Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are an essential in every girls closet, and if she is anything like me she loves gold hoops but loses earrings super easily. These gold hoops from Amazon are super inexpensive but also super nice. These are staple earrings she will love and wear all the time.

57. Jewelry Organizer

valentines gift guide

If your girlfriend has a lot of jewelry, this jewelry organizer would be a super great and practical gift for her. You could even buy her a new piece of jewelry and put in in the box for an extra special gift.

58. Parker Link Ring

small gift ideas for valentines day

Rings are a classic Valentines gift for girls and this new ring is so stunning. You can find so many beautiful jewelry options from Gorjana that are super reasonably priced. So, buy this Gorjana ring or pick one out you know she will love.

59. Wine Glasses

thoughtful christmas gifts for her

Wine glasses or dish sets make great gift ideas for girlfriends. These gold wine glasses are stunning and would be great for the girly wine lover. You could even buy 2 sets to give her a whole collection of 4. I love these and would totally buy them for myself so I know so many girls would love them too. Love this gift for girlfriend!

60. Reds & Rosés Vine Box

most popular valentines day gift

This Vine Box is amazing, and the perfect gift for a Valentine's Day Gift! The Vine Box includes 5 red wines, 4 rosé wines. (100 ml each), tasting notes and a special fill in the blank Valentine's Day card. How much more perfect can you get?!

61. Love At First Sight Earring Set

gifts for her gq

These earrings are so stunning and the name is the cherry on top. As a boyfriend you may not find a pair of earrings to be special but I promise you your girlfriend will. These earrings are stunning and sentimental. She will definitely love this gift! Love this gift for girlfriend!

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