Looking for gifts for the girl that has everything? Here are 27 great gift ideas she will actually love.

Trying to buy a gift for any girl can be challenging. But, if the girl you are buying for pretty much has everything already, it can be even harder to think of a great gift she will love.

Whether it is your mom, girlfriend or best friend, buying a gift she will be guaranteed to love will be easy if you buy any of the items below. From clothes, to jewelry, to unique custom gifts, you will be sure to get some inspiration from these 27 gifts for the girl that has everything.

This post is all about gifts for the girl that has everything.


Best Overall:  Adidas Ultraboosts

"These tennis shoes are so comfy and look great with any outfit. I wear them almost everyday!"

Best Under $50: 
Gel Nail Kit

"Being able to do my own gel on my nails has saved me so much money. The cost of this kit is less than getting my nails done one time at the salon."

Most Popular:
Lululemon Leggings

"After buying Lululemon leggings I could never go back to another brand. They are by far the softest and last the longest."

Best Thoughtful Gift:
Custom Constellation Star Map

"My boyfriend customized our star map with the day we met. It was such a sweet and unique gift."

Best Jewelry:
Customized Name Necklace

"I was gifted this necklace last year and still love it. I wear it almost everyday!"

Best Gift For The Beauty Lover:
Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

"This hair dryer brush saved me so much time. Drying my hair has never been this easy!"





1. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Every girl knows the struggle of blow drying their hair. Trying to hold a brush and a hair dryer at the same time is super annoying and takes forever. This Revlon hair dryer brush makes blow drying your hair so much easier because it dries as you brush.

This hair dryer brush is pretty new so the girl you are buying for probably doesn't have it yet. I know I would be so excited to get this as a gift.

2. Urban Decay Makeup Palette

Buy on Ulta

Urban Decay is one of the most popular makeup brands and this eyeshadow pallet is one of their newer pallets. If the girl you are buying for is into makeup and beauty products she will be sure to love this pallet.

3. Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Set

Buy on Sephora

Fenty is a super popular makeup brand by Rihanna and she has some amazing products. This lip gloss gift set looks stunning on any age or skin tone. I myself have a lot of makeup but this is one product I don't have but am dying to get. She most likely doesn't have this either but would be psyched to receive it as a present!

4. GrandeLash Eyelash Serum

At first glance this eyelash serum may seem a little pricey but compared to a lot of other eyelash serums it is a great deal. Many of the other serums can run up to $150 while this one is only $65. Plus, it lasts for 3 months when used once daily. I have been using this eyelash serum for years and I can tell you first hand it works. 

This gift is perfect for the girl that has everything because even if she already has it, she will always need more! 

5. Ariana Grande Perfume

Buy on Ulta

This Ariana Grande perfume is one of the most popular perfumes on the market right now and it smells SO good. They have cheaper versions of it at Walmart but after testing both, the one from Ulta lasts a lot longer and smells better. 

Any girl would be psyched to get this for a gift and will most definitely use it on the daily.

6. Gel Nail Kit

Most girls love getting their nails done but the money adds up when you have to get them done every two or three weeks. This gel nail kit will save her so much time and money. Seriously, the price of this kit is the same as going to the salon one time. She will appreciate having this to do her nails without going to the salon every couple weeks.

7. Makeup Eraser

I received a makeup eraser as a gift last December and it totally changed my life.  These are a lot better for the environment because they eliminate having to use disposable makeup wipes. This will also save money on having to buy new makeup wipes every week.

With the Makeup Eraser you just soak it in water and it takes your makeup right off. And the best part is when it gets dirty you just throw it in the wash to use over and over again. I don't know how these work so well but they really do take off all your makeup so easily without any soap at all.

8. Tanologists Tanning Drops

Every girl uses self tanner for special occasions or in the winter months when they aren't able to get much sun. I have gone through so many different self tanners and after a lot of trial and error these tanning drops are by far my favorite. Just mix these clear drops with your lotion when getting out of the shower and apply like you would normally apply lotion.

Not only do these tanning drops look really natural without being streaky, they also don't rub off on to sheets or clothing like most self tanners do. I promise any girl you are buying a gift for will absolutely love these. You can also get these from Target if you don't have time to order them off Amazon.


9. Adidas Ultraboosts

Buy on Adidas

Any girl will be so excited to receive a good pair of tennis shoes as a gift. These Adidas Ultraboosts are some of the cutest and most popular sneakers on the market right now for women. These shoes last forever and are so so comfortable. Even the girl that has everything will be so excited to get these!

10. NastyGal Cheetah Print Dress

Buy on NastyGal

NastyGal is a really popular website for women's clothing and the best part is that the clothing is pretty inexpensive. NastyGal always runs great deals so you can get multiple things without spending a ton of money. 

This cheetah print dress is super in style right now and could be dressed up or down in so many ways. Coming from a 19 year old college student, this dress is so cute and any girl around this age will be sure to love it.

11. Fuzzy Sweater

There is nothing girls love more in the fall and winter time than a cute fuzzy sweater. It is neutral colored and super soft so it can be worn just to lounge around in or dressed up for a night out. 

This sweater from Amazon is the perfect clothing item to give a girl that has everything as a gift because let's be honest...you can seriously never have enough fuzzy sweaters.

12. Matching Sweatpants And Top

Buy on Misguided

Matching sweatpants and top sets are all the craze right now. I seriously see so many college girls and adult women wearing these. They are perfect for days at home to wear while cleaning, sleeping, going to class, working out, or running errands. 

13. Lululemon Leggings

Even the girl who has everything will never turn down a gift from Lululemon. Lululemon clothing, specifically their leggings, are a staple for all girls. Lulu clothing is so soft and lasts forever! 

PS. Lululemon will also hem clothing for you if it fits a little weird in places. You are definitely paying a little more for leggings, but the quality makes it so worth it.


14. Coordinates Necklace

Buy on Etsy

Jewelry is always a great option to buy for girls. But, girls can be really picky with what jewelry they like and what they will wear. 

If you want to get her a piece of jewelry that will really mean something, this coordinate necklace is the perfect option. You can customize the necklace with the location and coordinates of any place you want. If you want to buy this as an anniversary present, maybe pick the place you met. If you are giving it to your best friend, maybe pick your favorite hangout place. Just pick whatever location is special to you! I can promise this will mean so much to her and she will wear it all the time.

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15. Initial Heart Necklace

Dainty jewelry is really in style right now and this initial heart necklace is one I have seen so many girls wear. You can either pick one with her initial for her to wear all the time, or yours if it is an anniversary gift. This simple gold necklace will go with any outfit and will be perfect for the girl that has everything.

16. Personalized Name Necklace

Buy on Etsy

I have seen so many personalized necklaces with names on them but a lot of times it can look kind of tacky. This name necklace is my absolute favorite that I've been able to find. Any girl will for sure love this and wear it all the time.

17. Simple Layered Necklace

Simple layered necklaces are the most popular necklaces right now. This set of 3 from Amazon is so stunning. They will go with any outfit and are pretty inexpensive! She will definitely be impressed you picked these out for her.

18. Kendra Scott Necklace

If you are from the south, you have 100% seen Kendra Scott necklaces before. KS is a really popular jewelry brand among girls and young women. They last for so long and look absolutely stunning. 

PS: Kendra Scott will also give you any piece of jewelry for half off for birthdays with proof of ID. That means you could take the girl you are buying for to KS to pick out her very own piece on you for 50% off! They also will replace a chain for you at any point if it gets rusty or tarnished.


19. Custom Makeup Bag

Buy on Etsy

Buying a customized and thoughtful gift is the best option when buying a gift for the girl who has everything. This customized makeup bag is the perfect gift for any girl. This is a great sized bag to put makeup in while traveling or just to store makeup in.

Makeup bags can get dirty easily so she will be so excited to receive a new clean one to store everything in!

20. Customized Constellation Star Map

Buy on Etsy

This constellation star map is one of the best personalized gifts I have seen. This is perfect for best friends or anyone in a relationship to give as a gift.

Pick a date that is important to you and the girl you are buying for and you will get a personalized map of the star constellations on that date. How cute is that?! There are a lot of different versions of this gift on Etsy but I think this one is the cutest one.

21. Personalized Keychain

Buy on Etsy

Keychains are an essential for any girl with a car, house, apartment, or dorm. This specific keychain can be personalized with their name on it to make sure it will never get lost. This is a small but thoughtful gift she will for sure appreciate.

22. Wine Coolers

Girls always love new dish wear, especially when it is cute colored wine coolers! Plus, if she is anything like me, sets of dish wear are even more exciting. This set of 4 wine tumblers will most definitely get used by her and her friends. These are perfect to take to the pool or even just to keep drinks in at home.

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23. Vinyl Record Lyrics

Buy on Etsy

If you know the girl's favorite song, it would be so cute to have this personalized record lyrics photo made for her. This is an easy and inexpensive gift that will mean so much to her. Plus, the design is perfect for any girls decor because it is so simple and neutral colored. 

24. Personalized Planner

Buy on Etsy

I seriously don't know what I would do without my planner and I know a lot of other girls are the exact same way. If the girl you are buying a gift for is anything like me, new planning supplies is so fun and exciting to receive. This planner is customizable which makes it even cuter and more special.

Even if she isn't the planning type right now, a new customized planner will be sure to get her in the mood to plan out everything!


25. Custom Cutting Board

Buy on Etsy

Cutting boards and kitchen supplies are great gifts for the girl that have everything because every women likes to switch up decor. If the girl you are buying for lives in an apartment or house, this is the perfect gift for her. This marble and wood cutting board is so adorable but also so useful in any girl's kitchen.

26. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

For the girl that is into health and fitness, this fruit infuser water bottle is the perfect gift. I personally love flavored water and this water bottles makes carrying fruit water around so much easier. She will be guaranteed to love this and take it with her wherever she goes.

27. Jewelry Shelf And Organizer 

Buy on Etsy

For the girl that loves her jewelry, this would be the perfect gift to keep all her necklaces organized. It also doubles as a shelf that she can decorate however she likes. I know I would be stoked to receive this for any occasion.

28. Outdoor Blanket Tote

This outdoor blanket tote would be a really original and fun gift to give a girl that has everything. You could even buy this for her and then plan a fun picnic with all her favorite foods and wine. Girls who have everything love experiences more than gifts most the time anyways.

This post is all about gifts for the girl that has everything.
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