Love List-55; Organizational Items and Bumper Boats

In this week’s Love List, the SweetPhi team is sharing a few great storage and organizational items, a maternity dress perfect for your whole pregnancy and two great finds for kid’s if you’re on the hunt for a great gift.  Enjoy our finds from around the web!

Yellow and pink popsicle

  1. Organization is the theme this week. We got so annoyed with the clutter, so we’ve decluttered but now we need some more storage bins. We’ve had this ottoman storage bin for a few years but now it’s broken.  It’s sturdy and looks like a piece of furniture, so we’re going to get another one!
  2. Next on my list is this storage bin or this one.

    Storage ottoman and shelves and black maternity dress
    Storage ottoman | Storage shelf left | Storage shelf right | Maternity dress
  3. Loved this piece on ‘The practice of Truly Enjoying Time Off‘ from Zen Habits
  4. Finally found the perfect maternity dress – it can grow with my bump and it’s not too long (I’m short so I always trip over hems). I’m buying this in every color, wearing it with a cardigan and calling it a day.

Bridget’s Picks

Inflatable bumper boats, Paint your own tea set, and Umbra buddy
Bumper boats | Paint-your-own tea set | Over the door hanger | Shelf
  1. My parent’s have a pool in their back yard and my Dad said he got a surprise for the Grandkids.  It was these bumper boats that have squirt guns and move int he pool with a battery-operated motor (a small fan).  The kids had so much fun!  My Dad got them at Kohl’s but I see they’re sold out, but you can find them on Amazon here.
  2. Lucy was given this paint your own tea set as a gift and today my son and daughter both painted pieces from it.  Highly recommend for an easy birthday gift for a kid in your life.
  3. I love the Umbra brand, especially their ‘buddy’ line.  I just think it’s so fun to put little silly touches in otherwise mundane items in your home.  Like this shelf or over-the-door hook.

Alyssa’s Picks

Organizer, pants hanger, Muddy Bites, Cheese board
Pants hanger | Organizer | Muddy Bites | Cheese board
  1. I’m always looking for ways to declutter my house and I love the idea of this organizer! I added it to my Amazon list.
  2. These are also on my list now! I have more closet space than drawer space and love this idea for pants!
  3. I had no idea these existed but of course they do! They took the best part of a sundae cone and made it into a bite size snack.
  4. I recently went to Door County and ordered a cheese board at a restaurant (Chives was the restaurant and I highly recommend going if you ever take a trip there!) but it was my first cheese board and I will definitely be ordering one every time I see it on a menu and now I want to get my own cheese serving board!

The Team’s Favorite – Face Wash

4 face wash options
1. | 2. | 3. | 4.



  • I love a classic that’s been around for years, so Cetaphil is always in my shower.  But, I’m currently testing out a new skincare routine and using this Bliss Pore Patrol Clay Cleanser and I’m loving it so far. .


  • You know I love Honest products, so it’s no surprise that my favorite cleanser is this Honest Gel Cleanser.  It’s gentle and soothing – perfect right before bedtime!

Collage of the team's favorite Love List items

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