PBF Gift Guide 2021: For Her

I’m trucking right along with my annual Gift Guides and am coming at you today with my Gift Guide for Her. Even though gift guides take me a long time to assemble, I absolutely love compiling them every year and especially enjoy brainstorming gifts for the women in your lives. I try my best to include gifts that will appeal to women across varying age groups and phases of life and hope something below will pop out at you for a loved one on your list!

Gift Guide for Her

Also, I updated my Amazon Store to include a Gift Guide for Her page for anyone who might want to reference it in the future for last-minute ideas and shopping. I hope it’s helpful!

Gift Guide For Her

volo hair towel

The VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel was a Christmas gift from my mom to me and my sister a few years ago and we both fell in love! It’s soft and gentle on your hair and the plush microfiber material makes it incredibly absorbent. It dramatically reduces drying time (by 50 percent!) and reduces frizz and breakage. I wrap it around my hair while I do my makeup (it has a handy little loop built into it so it always stays securely on my head) and I truly believe it helps my hair dry a million times faster by ridding it of excess water when my hair is all wrapped up in it. My mom has also gifted this towel to her sister and cousins and we all sing its praises!

birth month flowers sweatshirt

It took everything I had to leave the custom birth month flower sweatshirts off of last year’s gift guide because I wanted them to be a surprise for my mom and mother-in-law. I ordered them custom birth month sweatshirts featuring the birth month flowers of their grandbabies and t think they’re such a classic sweatshirt that has a more feminine, cozy look rather than a sporty vibe. T-shirt options are also available!

The custom pet sweatshirt is a find that is actually on my personal holiday wish list this year. For the furry mamas out there who adore their pets with a fierce kind of love reserved for our beloved animals, I think a custom pet sweatshirt would be a treasured gift.

What a genius invention! I ordered myself a pop-up LED travel mirror a while back and it has come in so handy! I brought it with me on my girls’ trip to Savannah and it was so nice not to have to cram a bunch of girls into a small bathroom when we were trying to get ready and do our hair and makeup. It’s a mirror I bring with me whenever we travel, as it lets me easily do my makeup from anywhere. I also prop it up on our kitchen counter when I want to get ready while Rhett is eating breakfast some mornings.

Anyone else out there feel like they’re sitting on hundreds if not thousands of photos saved on your phone that you rarely take the time to print out? I get overwhelmed at the thought of printing a bunch of pictures at once because there are SO many to sort through but the ability to print a few pictures at home when I want to update a picture frame or print out a picture for various reasons has major appeal to me.

For mini photos (2×4), I have a friend who raves about the Canon IVY printer. She loves it and her kids are also obsessed with it The small photos print out on a sticky backing making them ideal for art projects, scrapbooking, lockers, etc. I think this would make an especially awesome gift for a teen!

  • Cozy Lounge Set



I am a sucker for sleep sets that are comfy enough to wear to bed but cute enough to wear out and about during some quick errands, kids’ school drop offs, etc. Some options that caught my eye: Lou & Gray Matching Sets (you can’t go wrong with any of these mix-and-match sets — the softblend fabric is a dream and many are 40-50% off!) / J.Crew Cotton-Cashmere Jogger Set / UGG Lounge Set / Pink Queen Waffle Knit Set (I ordered this one while making this gift guide!) / Summersalt Sets (the Softest French Terry sets are my splurge-worthy favs) / Anthropologie Lounge Set (A gorgeous knit set)

And if you’re more into traditional pajamas, Nordstrom has my all-time favorite Moonlight pajamas in holiday prints and festive colorways this year! Target’s Stars Above pajama sets are super similar to the Moonlight pajamas if you’re looking for a less expensive version. I love them, too!

Calling all puzzlers! This portable puzzle board popped up on an internet ad for me a few weeks ago and I immediately took a screenshot because I thought it was a genius invention. We are big puzzlers in my family and attribute this to my mom and her love for puzzling. There is something so soothing about sitting down to work on a puzzle and I love the way it’s something you can work on as a family that allows you to be fully present. There’s more to puzzling than just matching small pieces together, I’m tellin’ ya! I love gifting puzzles that have some sort of significance to the person receiving them — like a puzzle featuring images of a loved one’s hometown or favorite vacation spot, their favorite animal breed or their birth year, etc. Some of our favorite family puzzles include this holiday puzzle (we leave this one out to work on every December), this unique nature-themed puzzle and this Anthropologie snow-globe shaped puzzle (this one makes a particularly beautiful gift). If you’re looking for a less time-consuming puzzle, the boys gave me this 150-piece Djeco Puzz-Art puzzle for Mother’s Day last year and love doing it together in one sitting as a family activity.

  • Name Bracelets



I wear my name bracelets featuring the boys’ names more than any other bracelets I own. They’re fun and cute and seem to go with everything. I got mine from @kwmank (she has a how-to-order highlight on her IG page) and absolutely love them. Etsy also has a million different styles from more casual, chunky bracelets to more delicate, feminine bracelets and no less than 10 different name bracelet options caught my eye when I was making this gift guide. Some of my favorites: Tiny Name Bracelet / Champagne Gold Stack / Delicate Gold Cursive Name Bracelet / Custom Beaded Bracelet / Gold Letter Bracelet

  • Barefoot Dreams Finds



I kick myself every time a Barefoot Dreams product pops up on one of my gift guides because I know it’s the least original idea on the planet but there’s a reason Barefoot Dreams finds are over-hyped. They are the coziest and softest and really just THAT good. Chase gave me a pair of Barefoot Dreams socks for Christmas last year and I wore the heck out of them. I have two pairs and wear them non-stop around the house during the colder months of the year.

If you’re looking for a bigger gift, there’s always the beloved Barefoot Dreams blanket! I gave one to my mom for her birthday this year because she loved the one we have in our home. It’s the perfect year-round blanket because it’s cozy enough for cold nights but somehow also lightweight enough to make it a good summer blanket, too. (The waffle knit Barefoot Dreams blanket is slightly less popular but one of my favs!) Also, if you’re looking for a decent dupe option, this blanket from Amazon is a great find. I ordered it before and it comes shrink-wrapped so it’s not the most beautiful in terms of gifting presentation but once it’s washed, it comes to life and is super soft and cozy.

How lovely are these jewelry organizers? They’re the perfect combination of practical and beautiful and fall under my favorite kind of gift to give — something I think most women would love but likely wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Keep your eye out for Black Friday sales from Mark & Graham because I’ve nabbed some beautiful items from their site on Black Friday in the past!

  • New Makeup/Beauty Finds



My mom is the queen of putting a new beauty find in my Christmas stocking and she’s had some major hits that have become long-time favorites over the years. Some of my personal beauty favorites I think many women would love include Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks (my go-to when I want to look a little more awake without the harsh line of eyeliner), Hyper C Brightening Dark Spot Serum (the only product that has noticeably reduced dark spots on my face), Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Treatment (feels incredibly luxurious and the colors are so lovely), ILIA Super Serum (I crave putting this on my skin in the morning and love that it combines SPF with a beautiful dewy finish that looks so natural), Beautycounter Beyond Gloss (a beautiful clean beauty find).

This is a random gift that checks a lot of boxes. It’s creative, practical and something I use almost every single day to help keep me on track and organized. I love the way it incorporates spots for high-priority tasks, to-dos, scheduling demands, meal planning and gratitude notes. Pair it with a box of the best pens ever!

Additional Gift Ideas



  • Makeup Eraser (This super-soft towel easily removes makeup and makes a fantastic stocking stuffer)
  • Portable Charging Power Bank (A practical gift that will get a lot of use, especially for the on-the-go woman)
  • Anthropologie Chunky Cable Knit Slipper Socks (My absolute favorite travel slippers! Warm, beautiful and they don’t take up too much room in a suitcase.)
  • Candle + Electric Lighter or Match Cloche (This one makes my gift guide every year because an electric lighter is something I never knew was missing from my life until I bought one and it blew my mind. I love the idea of pairing a candle with this stunning match cloche for a gift for a hostess gift!)
  • Lululemon Align Leggings (So deserving of all the hype. Incredibly comfortable and I love that you can get them with an extra high rise online!)
  • O-Venture Key Ring (The only way I ever find my keys in the bottomless pit that is my purse. I also gave this as a teacher gift one year and it seemed to go over well. I have the rose gold metallic leather and love it.)
  • Memory Box (A great option for the organized mom, this is the milestone memory box I made for our boys and also for my sister to save various memories from my nieces)
  • Bird Feeder (We gave a unique bird feeder to my MIL a few years ago and it seemed to go over well!)
  • Made For Living by Amber Lewis (For anyone who loves interior design, this book is stunning and filled with inspiration.)
  • Warm + Cozy Care Package (For the hard-to-buy-for woman, this care package is beautiful and all kinds of cozy)
  • Aerie Ribbed Modal Boybrief Underwear (The older I get, the more I’m over here like just give me comfy everything! I love this underwear so much and since I’m a weirdo and like to change into fresh underwear before bed every night I take advantage of holiday sales on this underwear every year. It’s a great time to stock up because they’re on super sale right now at 5 for $25.)
  • BOMBAS Socks (I have my whole family addicted.)
  • Cookbook (These are some of my favorites.)
  • Pillow Slippers (So comfy and great for sensitive feet on hard flooring.)
  • Fringed Pocket Scarf (A gorgeously unique take on a traditional scarf.)

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