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Have any summer projects?

My husband is a teacher and always takes on summer projects. Well, if you ask him, I’m sure he’d say I provide him with a list of summer ‘honey do’ projects. If I’m being honest, I’ll admit, he’s right. I think summer is a great time to work on projects especially if you have more free-time on your hands.

20 Projects You Can Do in 20 Minutes

Set the timer for 20 minutes and get busy!

Devoting 20 minutes to any one of the projects on this list will help you create more order in your life.

Get rid of outdated makeup and toiletries. If you have samples or surplus donate them to Hope & Comfort.
Clean out the fridge door where condiments sit for months without use. Trash what’s expired and create a shopping list of items you’d like to replace.
Clean out the car. If you need to break down the project into manageable parts tackle the front seats first, then the back seats, then the trunk.
Sort through office supplies and donate duplicates and surplus to a school or daycare center. School on Wheels is another great donation option.
Purge old emails. Challenge yourself to get rid of as many as you can in 20 minutes.
Delete old and outdated contacts in your phone.
Sort through gift wrap supplies and share the excess and surplus with Birthday Wishes.
Plan dinners for a week and make grocery list.
Organize photos on your phone.
Remove yourself from unwanted email solicitations.
Plan outfits for the coming week. Keep them in a designated spot in your closet.
Check your arts and craft supplies to make sure that the amount you have is proportional to the amount you do. Donate the excess to a daycare or school.
Research charities for donation options and schedule time for pick up or delivery.
Clean out pocket book and remove all trash, spare change, and receipts.
Sign up for on-line bill pay for credit cards and utility bills.
Put reminders on phone for reoccurring appointments, events, and payments.
Try on questionable clothes in your wardrobe and donate all the unflattering items.
Sort items in junk drawer and get rid of as much as you can.
Sort and evaluate jewelry. Give away or consign pieces you no longer wear.
Reward yourself by booking a special appointment for yourself, a massage, manicure, pedicure, lunch with a friend, or a day at the beach.

So what are you going to try? Please share. You may be surprised at what you can accomplish in 20 minutes.

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Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and be safe and healthy.
Sincerely, Janine Cavanaugh, CPO

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