The Best Products To Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions in 2020

putting $5 bill in shopping money jar with Starbucks cup on the side

Ah, New Years resolutions

Theres nothing like starting a new year filled with fresh motivation to better your life. Some people take on fitness goals, some want to gain more financial security, and some want to schedule a bit more me time for themselves. Whatever the case, weve rounded up the best products to help keep you on track in 2020!

1. If youre exercising to get into shape:

Fitbit versa 2

Taking your fitness to the next level? You may like having a little personal trainer on your wrist to keep you in check. The Apple Watch started with just smartwatch connectivity features but has been gaining more and more health functions with each product upgrade.

Its competitor, theFitbit Versa 2, is also full of similar smartwatch functionality though its true focus is on the fitness tracking capabilities. Plus, its sleek design emulates that of the Apple Watch as well. We recommend buying it at Best Buy since theyre a huge retailer that will price match!

While I admit a lot of Apple products outperform their competitors theFitbit Versais LEGIT! I now have a product thats not running on an iOS system that gives the Apple Watch a run for its money, and its A LOT cheaper! Jennifer (read her full review here!)

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2. If youre starting a new diet:

simply keto cookbook on cutting board stand

You know were all about keto at Hip2Save, and Hip2Keto, too! In Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan, youll receive over 100 easy low-carb recipes along with a practical approach to your health and weight loss.

Other best-selling special diet books on Amazon:

Or if you want to simplify your cooking strategy, the book Cook Once and Eat All Week will do exactly that!

3. If youre budgeting your money:

putting $5 bill into money jar next to Starbucks cup

There are tons of methods for creating and maintaining a budget, though if you havent already heard, we recently launched our FREE 10-week Financial Boot Camp! Well help you with budgeting, meal planning, managing your shopping & costly subscriptions, plus make sure youre always getting the most bang for your buck!

Check out 10 reasons why you should give this FREE Financial Boot Camp a shot.

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4. If youre decluttering or organizing:

knife organizer drawer kitchen hack

Maybe youre trying to get a jump on spring cleaning or tackling that messy food pantry! When ridding your home of things you no longer need and sorting through your saved belongings, you can use the help of organizer products to make everything more accessible.

So whether its corraling all your makeup and skincare,stacking your most used panswell within reach, ditching your bulky kitchen knife block, or making sure your undergarments each have their own place, theres an organizer to fit pretty much any need.

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5. If youre sprucing up your home decor game:

The Home Edit book

Home decor should be more than just gorgeous, it should be functional too! With this New York Times best-selling book, The Home Edit, youll be guided on how to create spaces that both look great and are functional. By the time youre done reading through this step by step tutorial, youll not only know exactly where to find things, but youll also love the way it looks!

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Restoration Hardware copycat items  cloud sectional couch

Want to get the most bang for your buck when decorating your home? If youre on the hunt for some new home good and on a tight budget weve shared tons of gorgeous and trendy knockoffs for Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, and even Restoration Hardware youre not going to want to miss all of these incredible savings!

6. If youre practicing more self-care:

Woman wearing Facetory Mask and holding box

Go on and treat yourself in 2020! We are huge fans of the FaceTory boxes which include 7face masks with various benefits such as anti-aging, moisturizing, smoothing and more! When you sign up for aFaceTory Subscription, youll receive a new box every month. You can also sign up for different price points as a single month, 6 months, or a full-year subscription. Even better, every subscription includes free shipping and can be canceled at any time.

For a limited time, head on over toFaceTorywhere you can score a whopping50% off the Seven Lux Boxwhen you use the discount codeCACTUS50 at checkout. Read more about this deal here.

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