These teen girl Easter Basket ideas are super fun and creative – especially the unique non-basket basket suggestions! 25 Teen Girl Easter Basket Ideas Looking for some new ideas to treat your teenage girls to this Easter?  (Also see our Teen Boy...

These teen girl Easter Basket ideas are super fun and creative – especially the unique non-basket basket suggestions!

25 Teen Girl Easter Basket Ideas

Looking for some new ideas to treat your teenage girls to this Easter?  (Also see our Teen Boy Easter Basket ideas) Here are loads of awesome basket ideas and suggestions for basket fillers for tweens and teens alike!

We've also included several fun Easter gift suggestions from PPP readers!  Whether you go super-simple with a little classic Easter candy – or gift your girls a basket full of Spring/Summer gear (to save you from buying it later) – you can't go wrong with these basket stuffers.

Unique Basket Ideas:

Caboodle Basket:

Reader Monika submitted this idea and photo and we fell head over heels!

The Caboodle Basket is TOTAL GENIUS – give your teen the gift a fun Caboodle makeup organizer and fill with other goodies they might like.  This is a lot like the teen guys' tackle box basket idea!

PPP Team Member Mary created a Caboodle Easter Basket for her daughter and filled it with beauty items, a Jade Roller, face masks, razors, makeup eraser cloths, lip gloss, dry shampoo, and other items she got on sale!

Shoe Box:

Reader Judy had this awesome idea of buying her teen girl an outfit she'd need for Spring sports/workouts rather than lots of little stuff.  And used the shoe box for her Easter Basket!

Summer Fun Cooler – Fill a small cooler with summer fun items for trips to the pool or beach – like flip-flops, beach towel, gas card, etc…

Shower Tote – A shower tote makes a great Easter Basket!  Fill a utility or shower tote with personal care items like body wash, shampoo, lotion, body spray, hair products, shaving items and more.  If they're heading to college soon this is extra helpful!  ~ Thanks Katie!

Decorative Basket:

My friend Staci has two college kids and she used Target's Hearth & Hand Baskets that her girls wanted to hold all their favorite candies and some items from her Spring FabFitFun Box.

They'll love using these in their rooms/apartments/dorms rather than putting a wicker basket back in the closet.

25 Teen Easter Basket Fillers for Girls:

These Easter basket stuffers are perfect for teenage girls (and some for us adult girls too!)

1. Candy/Snacks

MORE Chocolate!

2. Bath Bombs

We like these individually wrapped ones on Amazon for easier gifting –  But you can always find them at the dollar stores too!

3. Bible Journals

I'm always trying to instill a love of the Word in my kids – and I might be biased, but I think these are the prettiest little Bible Journals

4. Coffee Drinks

Teen girls seem to LOVE their coffee – so add in a Starbucks frappucino or other fancy coffee drink!

5. Steering Wheel Cover

PPP Team Member Kristen picked this up for her teen – it's such a fun one for drivers!  (Love the tie dye pattern too!)

6. FabFitFun Spring Beauty Box Items

I love my seasonal FabFitFun subscription – partly because I always pick a couple items to stash away for the girls and it makes for EASY gifting on Easter, Birthdays, Christmas and more!

7. Coffeehouse/Restaurant Gift Card

This one's not so much a splurge as buying them that drink they'll ask for later… now.  Giftcards are so helpful for teens running around on the go all the time!

8. Pens/Markers

For Bible journaling, planner keeping or just doodling – my girls love these Papermate Flair Pens (And they come in pretty Springy Bright Colors!)

9. Pop-Itz Fidget Bubbles

These are fun and trendy and inexpensive!

10. Nail Wraps

PPP Reader Jamie tried these out recently and said they worked great!  She got the St. Patrick's Day set but there are LOTS of Eastery sets!

11. Cute Air Pods Cases

My friend Kristen said her teen girls love these! We've got even more cute AirPods Cases HERE!

12. Novelty Socks

Puppies and Kittens – take your pick!  These are adorable and you can spread them out between multiple baskets

13. Nail Polish

Good ole nail polish or pedicure items are fun and inexpensive and adds a colorful touch to a teen Easter basket

14. Phone Case

How cute! Girls love changing up their phone cases, especially with fun, funky styles!

15. Flip Flops

Grab some cute flip flops for the upcoming warm weather – for as little as $1 at some stores!  (Or pick up some nicer longer-lasting ones here)

16. Magazines

You may be able to get FREE magazines HERE ~ or there are tons more options here for just $2 shipped (just be sure to use the code MAGDEAL at checkout).

17.  Candles

PPP Team Member Kristen stuffed her teen girls Easter Basket with magazines, candles, and more when quarantine was just beginning last year – whew what a year! Also great for a little spa day at home!

Look for cute, inexpensive candles at the Target Dollar Spot!

18. Bathing Suit

You'll be buying one most likely this Spring – so this is a good a time as any to gift it.

19. Eyeshadow Palette

A girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes right?

20. Sugar Scrub

We especially love this Tree Hut brand – and it's often on sale at Target!

21. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a perfect beginning of Spring item to have handy for a teen.

22. Card Games or Playing Cards

The one above is a team favorite!

23. Lip Balm

Such a practical and fun item she'll love!

24. Cute Travel Mug

One of our pricier gift ideas – but super useful! This one is from Target – but gosh you can get cute & inexpensive travel mugs just about ANYWWHERE!

25. Beach Towel

The Target Dollar Spot usually gets beach towels in around this time of year if you're looking for a super inexpensive option!

Your turn!

What kinds of fun things do you put in your teenage girls' Easter Baskets?

Do you still make up Easter baskets for your older kids?

Do you do something as they grow up or just stop altogether?

I'd love to hear your teenager adaptations to Easter baskets!


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