Top 11 Best Makeup Organizers of 2019 – Reviews

Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Boxes enhances easy storage and management of your cosmetics and jewelry. It has completely removable drawers which slide out smoothly and easily, which make this organizer as user-friendly as they come. It features a black mesh padding that is lightweight and easy to remove, a mesh that you will find to be more reliable than fixed versions. Also worth mentioning is that this organizer is a lot larger than many other in this price range, a fact that may explain its tremendous popularity to begin with.
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Not only should you choose a makeup organizer that is sturdy and reliable but you should also consider your long-term use for it as well. We say this because people often repurpose makeup organizers over time, preferring to use its storage compartments for a variety of valuable items other than makeup. In this regard, a makeup organizer should definitely be versatile enough to accommodate a wide array of items along with makeup or instead of. As a matter of fact, here is what to consider when shopping for a makeup organizer:

Storage space – It may seem intuitive for most, but makeup organizers don’t just have to impress through their aesthetics but through their practicality as well. For this reason, one should always consider an organizer’s storage space before making any purchase, especially as far as its interior compartments go. We say this because these type of organizers don’t just have to accommodate makeup or jewelry but even larger items that require a lot of storage space to properly fit.

Maintenance – Another thing to consider is how easy they are to maintain in the long run. We’re not just talking here about washing them or ensuring that they stay stain-free because you would do that with any other type of furniture anyway. What we’re talking about is the materials used in their making, especially the ones that come with a hefty price tag. In this respect, we found that acrylic makeup organizers are by far the easiest to care for.

Price tag – You would be surprised at just how expensive makeup organizers can get nowadays, especially if they’re made by a reputable manufacturer. That aside, the materials used in their making also affects their price tag considerably. Construction-wise, organizers made of acrylic materials or any other similar build are by far the most expensive out there, not to mention how expensive their transport can get if they’re particularly larger than normal.

Versatility – Like we said, makeup organizers have to accommodate a lot more than just makeup most of the time. Given their design, people often tend to use their storage compartments for storing jewelry, electronics, or even documents. Although you would probably be better off storing these items someplace else, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to have an organizer that can be used for a multitude of other purposes when needed. That said, try not to dwell on an organizer’s multi-purpose functions too much, lest you might get a sub-par makeup organizer who’s only redeeming quality is its storage space.
Types Of Makeup Organizers
Makeup organizers come in many shapes and sizes, some being far more popular than others. Considering the fact that makeup organizers have to serve not only practical purposes but aesthetic ones as well, you should expect one to be just as pretty as it is useful.

In this regard, there are more than a handful of different types of makeup organizers out there to choose from, at least as far as design goes.

Diamond Beauty Boxes – These are by far the prettiest makeup organizers out there but also the most expensive. Depending on the manufacturer, such an organizer might prove quite an investment given their versatility, but also the fashionable look most of them have. With diamond beauty boxes, you get not only an impressive design but also quite a bit of usable space overall due to the many drawers and interior compartments these type of organizers tend to have.

Lipgloss Organizers – Like the name suggests, these boxes are mostly intended to store lipgloss cosmetics, which means that they can hardly be used for anything else. Rigid in form, these organizers shouldn’t be expected to be too expensive, nor should they be expected to be too practical. In truth, the type of people who need a lipgloss organizer tend to combine one with an assortment of other makeup-related items and accessories.

Spinning Lipstick Towers – Although not as popular as other types of makeup organizers, lipstick towers enjoy their fair share of the market, especially among women who prefer to alternate between lipstick shades. A standard spinning lipstick tower can hold up to 80 different types of lipsticks at a time without taking up too much space on your desk. Not only that but they are also quite pleasant to look at seeing how many such towers are designed to be rather trendy and ingenious.

Brush Penthouses – Similar to lipstick towers, brush penthouses serve as storage for the many types of makeup brushes a woman can own. They also may not be as fashionable as lipstick towers given their rigid design, but they are without a doubt, just as practical. Another common feature for brush penthouses is the transparent walls they all seem to have, along with the removable top and the sturdy bottom.

Compact Organizers – Last but not least, compact organizers are also widespread these days, mostly among people who lack the space to accommodate a standard organizer into their homes. In principle, compact organizers are supposed to store all the essential makeup a person can own, while still being spacious enough to store a handful of other useful items. That said, you really cannot expect compact organizers to meet the same storage standards as regular organizers, nor can you expect them to be just as fashionable.

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