Vote for our February 2021 U-Pick Sewing Project!

I’m so excited to let you vote on three new projects that we might sew up this month! Why? Because they are all so awesome that I think you are going to fight for your favorite. I would actually fight for all three and that’s why I’m letting YOU pick. :)

Thank you for helping me to know what free tutorial to write next, because there are so many things that I want to sew, I could never get to them all!

Now, let me remind everyone… The following three project ideas are things that I haven’t made yet. You get to vote on your favorite and then I’ll sew up the most popular idea! It is inevitable that every month someone will email me asking where the tutorial is for one of the projects that didn’t win.

Even though I love all three projects and really want to make them all, I know I won’t have time. YOU get to tell me which ONE to make by voting. :)

So which project do you want me to re-design and sew for you this month? Show me by voting for it!

But first, in case you didn't see the tutorial, last month’s Amazing A-Frame Organizer is sewing perfection! It’s the perfect size for holding living room gadgets that can’t get lost, a crafty sewing kit, or nightstand essentials. I really hope you get to make one!

However I know what you really came here for is to vote… so let’s get on with picking our next sewing project!

You probably remember this pretty fabric bag from last month. Even though it didn’t win the vote, a TON of people left comments or emailed asking me to make it anyway. I didn’t have time so I’m giving it another chance.

I think the details on this bag make it look so pretty and fresh. I love how the straps wrap around the bottom of the bag (that makes it really strong) and then form chunky handles.

Are you going to vote for it this time so I’ll make it?

This is a makeup organizer that a reader named Marie sent me pictures of. It has the most darling shape and looks super easy too. Plus it looks like it would hold quite a bit of stuff.

If this project wins, I’d do my best to replicate it just the way it looks in the pictures. No need to change an adorable pouch like this!

Will it get your vote?

And here lastly - I really want a new car trash bag! The Car Diddy Bag that I made a while back is cute, but I want something bigger. I found this very functional looking car trash bag on Amazon and I think it would do the job perfectly.

Now if it were only prettier! So if this car trash bag wins the vote I’ll make a pretty version.

I would still line the inside with waterproof fabric (like the one on Amazon) and I really like the elasticized top. It is raved about in the reviews so I would put an elasticized opening on my bag too..

Are you going to help the new car trash bag win?

UPDATE: Voting ended! Click here to see the winning project.

Remember... you only have a week to vote! Whatever project wins, I'll be sewing my own  version and then giving you a tutorial soon after that. So vote below for the project that you'd like to see me sew!

Next Monday voting will be closed and I'll announce the winner. Then I'll get started sewing it up. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss the free tutorial.